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KickTail XL5 Fishing Lure

New lure tripled catch rate in test... won "Best of Show" in Europe, earned Seal of Approval from North American Fisherman magazine. Must double your catch, or you pay nothing!
Swims like a real fish – with its tail.

Austin Browning
Our new lure mimics the motion of a real fish so realistically eight profe- ssionals couldn't tell the difference between it and a live shad when it "swam" toward them on retrieval.
And how about this. A customer wrote us that an owl saw him retrieving the Kick-Tail®, thought it was a real fish, and snared it in his claws. (The fisherman got the hook out and the owl flew away.)
KickTail® XL-5 caught 41 fish versus 14 for the other four. In one boat the Inventor Scott Wilson lands a 10-pounder.
KickTail® XL-5 won 19 to 4. The KickTail® XL-5 also caught bigger fish, which suggests it triggers larger, less aggressive fish to strike.
Patented technology
The KickTail® XL-5's magic comes from a patented technology that breaks the tail into five segments. As water rushes by on retrieval, a little-known principle called aeronautical flutter causes the

Member tested and recommended by NORTH AMERICAN FISHERMAN. Three hundred lures tested.

The design eliminates wobbling, angled swimming and other unnatural motions that problem other hard bait lures. It swims upright and appears to propel itself with its tail.

Inventor Scott Wilson Lands a 10-pounder.
Tournament fisher-men who have used it said it's possible officials will not allow it in contests where live bait is prohibited. They claim it swims more realistically than anything they have ever seen. If so, that would hurt our promotional efforts. Winning tourna- ments is an important part of marketing a new lure.
Fish would probably prefer to see it restricted. Eight veteran fishermen tested the KickTail® XL-5 on a lake outside Orlando FL for about four hours. Four used the KickTail® XL-5 and four used a combination of their favorite lures and shiners (live bait). The four using the
tail to wag left and right, as if the lure were propelling itself with its tail. Unlike other hard baits, the head re-mains stationary—only the tail wags. Increases catch almost 3 to 1. To make the KickTail® XL-5 even more life like, we gave it a huge variety of colors and shaped it like the most prevalent bait fish of all, the threadfin. Game fish gobble up more threadfin shad than any other bait fish.
The flutter technology also allows the KickTail® XL-5 to swim at the water's surface. Other top water lures must be worked to have any live action, or have a bill that makes them dive on retrieval. Our diver version is the only deep crank bait that let's you do tricks like 'walk the dog.' Twitch it at deep levels and it gives an irresistible, life-like action. Other lures dig.
And there's no need for rattles. The five tail segments click together as you pull it through the water, calling fish from a distance.
Whether you fish for fun or profit, give this lure a try. Three hundred were tested by North American Fisherman, magazine readers, and they recommend it.