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Titan Minnow MXL-8

Finally, a premium lure designed exclusively for trophy catches.
Introducing the Brand-NEW, SUPER-REALISTIC Pro-Series Titan Minnow MXL-8 This Pro Series lure is built for the BIG ones!
BUILT FOR THE BIG ONES Any angler looking to catch big fish now has an exclusive new weapon available to their arsenal. This new 'weapon', called the Titan Minnow is designed especially for BIG fish and promises to be incredibly effective - thanks to its unparalleled realism and great swimming action. The Titan Minnow is a Pro-Series, double-jointed hard bait that is 8 inches long. Its super-real action... combined with perfection-quality, HAND-painted finishes give it a superior catch rate - as compared to conventional lures.
NOT JUST A WORK OF ART! The Titan-Minnow's premium quality is derived not only from its realism, but ALSO from its indestructible design. This is especially important for a lure designed specifically to catch big fish - as bigger fish often rely on very sharp teeth and are quite aggressive when they strike. Fortunately, the Titan Minnow is made from a new propriety composite that is UNMATCHED in its strength! This composite is complimented by TWIN steel joints - making the lure incredibly durable. In fact you could run over the lure with a truck (multiple times) and it will stay perfectly intact. Rest assured that the Titan Minnow is a premium lure that you can fish for a lifetime... just make sure the line you have is of a sufficient strength!
TOTAL DEPTH CONTROL! Another great feature of this lure is its versatility - in terms of the depth at which you can retrieve it (or troll it!). It floats when sitting still in the water - so if you want to target fish that are

Yellow Tiger Minnow

Yellow Tiger Minnow

Guaranteed to catch the LARGEST fish you've ever caught!
  • Cast it OR troll it! This powerhouse lure is the ideal bait for the BIG ones - fresh OR saltwater!
  • An IRRESISTIBLE meal for big Bass, Pike, Muskie, Walley, Lake Trout, Striped Bass, Blue Fish, Tuna and ALL aggressive predatory fish larger than 1.5 lbs!

Catch fish like this with these lures! feeding on the surface - simply retrieve it slowly, or let it rise to the top (once you reach the top water strike zone) before you start retrieving again. On the other hand, if you want o go deep, you simply retrieve (or troll) it at a faster pace. The plastic lip beneath its mouth will bring it deeper and deeper - the faster it moves through the water. If

Blue Fire Stripe Minnow

Blue Fire Stripe Minnow
you want to go REALLY deep (like 50 or more feet!), then you can of course use weights or a down rigger - while it's trolled.
GUARANTEED TO CATCH MORE If you like to catch BIG fish - fresh OR saltwater - casting OR trolling, you can't afford NOT to have the Titan Minnow! Its exclusive features make it tremendously effective - specifically at catching large fish. In fact, we are SO confident that you WILL be pleased with its results, we are extending a 'Catch-More Guarantee', which means that if you (DON'T) catch more (big) fish with the Titan Minnow, you can return it for a FULL refund, within 30-days of your purchase. Good Fishin'!

Rainbow Minnow

Rainbow Minnow

Titan Minnow MXL8 "Pro-Series"
One Titan Minnow MXL8 "Pro-Series" .......................$22.95
Two or More ........................................................$18.00 each