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Chug n'Spin Minnow®

Brand New Lure!
New topwater bait called " an ingenious, hybrid lure." Out-fished normal plugs by 2.4 times in murky water. Unique plug’s spinner and internal metal balls drive aggressive fish crazy.
Exclusive Design - Available ONLY Direct from NGC Sports!
  • A powerhouse combo; the ATTRACTION benefit of a spinner and the FISH-CATCHING benefit of a plug!
  • 200% - 400% more visibility, depending on clarity of the water.
  • Metal Balls INSIDE the lure emit the sound of distressed prey!

Little Eagle
Red/Yellow Wigg Wren
Baby Birdee
Purple Breasted Sparrow
Cast, bob and catch with this working piece of art!
  • Uses patented 'aeronautical flutter' body-design to scientifically recreate the hydra-dynamics of a live baitfish.
  • The Soft Kicktail doesn't lumber through the water like a conventional swim bait, it propels itself WITH ITS TAIL - LIKE A REAL FISH.
  • Twitch it, rip it, pause it, reel it - every motion is totally natural. FISH CAN'T RESIST STRIKING!
  • As recently featured in...


Available in 3 tournament-texted colors. Three lures and two specialized hooks per 3-Pack.

Soft KickTail 3-Pack………Only $14.95 per kit of 3 lures.
Best Value!
Soft KickTail 9-Pack…………………ONLY 29.95!

The NGC Multi-Use Sportsman's Tool - A Must-Have for FISHERMEN, HUNTERES, CAMPERS & HANDYMEN!

A fantastic gift for a sportsman!

An absolutely indispensable tool if you hunt, fish, do repairs around your home, business, anywhere.

Comparable value: $50.00 to $75.00!
Only $26.95!