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Bite Light

As seen in
New hard bait BLINKS a BLOOD-RED light to simulate an injured prey. Strikes are fast and fierce. Independent test averaged 1 bass every 7 minutes.
New electronic lure may catch too many fish.

Only $29.95 per 3-Lure Kit; 1 Floater, 1 Diver, 1 Deep Diver.

Kicktail® XL-5

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Over 1 Million Sold!
Patented KickTail® is the only hard swimbait that swims like a real fish - with its tail! It out-fished other baits 19 to 4 in a Florida bass contest.
Steel-hard construction, more life-like scales, better swimming action. DAZZLING COLORS.

Winner of the “Best New Lure” at Europe’s
Largest Sports Show!


Kicktail® XL-7

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Designed specifically for large fish. The only lure to ‘swim’ like a real fish - with its tail - is now available in a new 7-inch size.
New Kicktail XL-7 is Over 2-inches longer than the Original!
It’s Built for the BIG Ones! Great in Fresh or Salt Water.

The World's only Live Action Spool® Fishing Reel

New reel brings the shake on the lake and the shiver to the river - for monster strikes!
Internationally Patented Fishing Reel Technology.

The Live Action Spool® reel enhances the performance of fishing lures by simulating the darting motions of an injured baitfish as they move through the water.

  • Five Action-Pulses to your lure with every rotation of the spool.
  • Auto Reset (option) for a regular, smooth retrieval.
  • Demo DVD included at no-charge!
  • You control setting - normal or automatic action!

Every order comes with a FREE 10 Pack of Walking Worms® PLUS the choice between a NGC® Multi-Tool or a pair of Polarized Condor® Sunglasses.

Only $64.95 (includes choice of 2 Free gifts!)

Walking Worm

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Patented technology makes the Walking Worm® constantly curl like a real worm - automatically!
Patented lure out-fishes live bait 3 to 1; Could be banned.
  • The only worm to move on its own, thanks to its multiflex construction.
  • Over 10 Million Sold!
  • World Bass Master Champion John FOx caught a 19 1/2 pound largemouth with the Walking Worm.
Constant movement excites a predatory response in fish.

Chug n'Spin Minnow®

Brand New Lure!
New topwater bait called "an ingenious, hybrid lure." Out-fished normal plugs by 2.4 times in murky water. Unique plug’s spinner and internal metal balls drive aggressive fish crazy.
Exclusive Design - Available ONLY Direct from NGC Sports!
  • A powerhouse combo; the ATTRACTION benefit of a spinner and the FISH-CATCHING benefit of a plug!
  • 200% - 400% more visibility, depending on clarity of the water.
  • Metal Balls INSIDE the lure emit the sound of distressed prey!

Pro Series Titan Minnow XL

Guaranteed to catch fish!
Click to view colors
A PROVEN WINNER for TROPHY-sized catches!
  • Guaranteed to catch HUGE fish - in FRESH or SALT water!
  • Works great for CASTING AND TROLLING.
  • PROVEN HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE for trophy Bass, Pike, Lake Trout, Muskie, Walley, Striped Bass, Tuna, Red Fish - and virtually every aggressive predatory fish larger than 1.5 lbs!
  • HAND-PAINTED! Plus, 3D LASER EYES for an unparalleled lifelike look!
NGC Mini-Rod
New High-Tech WIRELESS Fish Seeker
Portable Fish Finder

NGC Mini Rod



• 1 Portable Fish Finder................ONLY $79.95.

• 2 or more............................ONLY $69.95 each!

ACT NOW!  Comes with a 30-day "catch more" guarantee.


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Portable Fish Finder
Special design makes it so you can drop your soft bait to any desired depth, then fish both top and bottom water upon retrieval!









  • This scientifically designed lure doubles your catch rate by allowing you to fish two strike zones at once!
  • It's not unusual to catch two fish in one cast!
  • Proven in tournaments.
  • Totally unique - the only lure with this amount of coverage and depth control.








Always having a lure on both the water's surface and below means your catch rate is doubled. Works so well, you can even catch 2 fish on a single cast!




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