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Kissin Cousins

New lure fishes top and bottom at the same time; wins two tournaments.
Catches a fish every 180 seconds. One cast – two fish!

Austin Browning
The Kissin' Cousin™ lure is going to catch a lot of fish for you.
For the first time you can…
  • fish top water and bottom water – at the same time,
  • fish top water and any depth you wish at the same time,
  • fish top water and up and down at the same time,
  • catch two fish with one cast,
  • never lose a top-water strike.
No other lure comes close to this kind of fishing power. If you're a tournament fisherman, no other lure will win more money for you.
Here's what a ten-time National and World Bass Fishing Champion, a Member of Fishing Hall of Fame and a professional guide for over 40 years said about the Kissin' Cousin™.
"I won two Bass Champions' Senior Tour Tournaments and I beat 120 others in the non-boat half of a Florida State Tournament using a prototype of the Kissin' Cousin™. On several occasions I caught two at once. This lure revolutionizes tournament fishing." ….John Fox
Double your catch!

Ten-time champion, John Fox, won two tournaments using a new lure that can catch two fish at once. The top-water Kissin' Cousin™ is a floater (a plug) with a fine hole through its center for your line. The mouth of the plug is red to help you see it after a long cast. The plug is an effective lure by itself, but when you chug it, it is also an attractant for the lower lure, and a strike indicator when the lower lure is hit.

Line passes through floater to second lure below it. Doubles catch rate.
The bottom-water Kissin' Cousin™ fishes beneath the plug. Because your line moves freely through the hole in the plug you can "up and down" your lower bait (we recommend a worm) or fish any depth you want, from the bottom to an inch or so behind the top-water lure.
The Kissin' Cousin™ often catches two fish at the same time, or if a fish misses the plug, it takes the lower lure.
A fish every 180 seconds! Two retired teachers, using the prototype of the Kissin' Cousin™ caught a fish every three minutes, twelve with the top lure and thirteen with the bottom one. You can do the same!
Error-proof sets Here's another reason you are going to
double your catch.
When a fish top-water plug there is a built-in time-lapse while you retrieve the lower lure to the plug. That three-or-four-turn delay keeps you from setting the hook too early and losing the fish.
Guarantee We cannot urge you too strongly to test this new lure. Let the Kissin' Cousin™ prove its overwhelming fishing power on its own. If you have any doubts, you may return it within 30 days for a prompt refund of its price.
The Kissin' Cousin™ comes in a Kit of 15-pieces: three top-water lures in three stunning colors, two worm weights and 10 six-inch Walking Worms®. (The Walking Worm® curls automatically like a real worm swimming. It is ideal as the lower bait.)

One 15-Piece Kit (3 colors) .......................$33.95
Two or more 15-Piece kits for only........... $29.95 Each!
30-day money-back guarantee.