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Pen Fisherman Mini Rod

NGC® MINI-ROD “The Pen Fisherman”
42 inches Expanded

Unique telescoping rod design allows you to turn a 7-inch pen into a 42-inch fishing rod - in just seconds!
The New NGC® Mini Rod telescopes from the size of a large pen to a 42-inch tournament - quality rod. It comes with a spinning reel that casts and retrieves as efficiently as a reel costing $100.00. The difference is this reel comes with a rod that you can shrink to pocket size.

"I bought one for me and my two grandsons. We love them!"
Top of the Line This is not a low-quality TV product that comes with a reel that's impossible to cast. This rod and reel equals the quality of high-end tournament equipment. Even big fish are no match for the rod and it's high-performance spinning reel. Both are built to last a lifetime. Instant Fishing! It's perfect for travel, perfect for surprise fishing opportunities! Keep it in a jacket, backpack, car - door pocket, bait box, add the reel and you're ready to catch fish wherever they're biting.
Every rod comes with a high-quality SPINNING reel.
120 yards of 4 # test line pre-installed!
Incredibly Low Price! A regular rod and reel of this quality could cost three or four times more, and would not have the easy-to-carry, easy-to-stow benefits of this one. Order one for yourself, but order another for a youngster you know who's eager to start fishing, or needs a rod and reel that's easier to use.

This travel rod is so compact, it fits easily into a backpack, glove box or pocket. Its perfect for travel, or just to keep handy!

Promotional Offer: Every NGC Mini Rod comes with 10 FREE Walking Worms. As seen in BassMaster, this is the only worm to curl on its own, automatically!

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One NGC® Mini Rod .......................$29.95
Two or More .......................only $27.00 each!
Makes a great gift! 30-day money-back guarantee.

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