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Portable Fish Finder
Portable Fish Finder

Product Code: KPFSKR

"The World's Most Portable Fish Finder" works from a boat OR from shore.
  • Shows you the size of the fish near you, how many there are, where they are, depth to fish, depth to bottom, and even the contours of the bottom.  ALL the info you need to CATCH MORE!
  • TOTALLY PORTABLE!  Works from a boat OR from shore sensor can be easily dropped off the side of a boat, or thrown from shore.  NO setting up required.
  • Compact enough to easily fit into any backpack or tackle box.  Works off AAA batteries. 
  • Costs hundreds less than bulky, complex fish finders!  Exclusive, factory to you pricing.
   Comes ready to use for only $79.95! 
   ONLY $69.00 a piece, when you buy two or more.