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KickTail XL5 Lure Sets

Swim bait uses aerospace technology to outfish others 19:4.
  • Specialized 5segment design utilizes principal of "aeronautical flutter,"
    making it the only hard lure to 'swim' through the water with its tail!
  • Outfished other baits by almost 3 to 1 in FL tournament.
  • Won "Best New Lure" at Europe's largest sports show!
  • Over 1 Million sold! As featured in Game and Fish magazine.
  • Comes in kits of 3 lures. New XL5 model is superdurable.
Only $33.95 per kit! Two or more $29.95 per kit!

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KTC3SET KickTail XL5 Lure - Chocolate Shad (1 Diver,1 Floater,1 Dying Shad)
(Out of Stock)
KTXL5SETA67 KickTail XL5 Lure - Fire Tiger (2 Divers,1 Floater)
(Out of Stock)
KTXL5SETA70 KickTail XL5 Lure - Ghost Minnow (2 Divers,1 Floater)
KT3SET KickTail XL5 Lure - Natural Shad (1 Diver,1 Floater,1 Dying Shad)
KTXL5SETA69 KickTail XL5 Lure - Yellow Rootbeer (2 Divers,1 Floater)
KTSUPER10P KickTail XL5 Lure Super 10 Pack
(Out of Stock)
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