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Scientific Edge LLC products are sold around the world and regularly seen on television and in major publications.




ScientificFishing.com is the fishing division of Scientific Edge LLC, a Delaware–based company that has been using science to improve product-performance for 30 years. Scientific Edge LLC utilizes scientific principles and creative concepts to develop unique lures that are more effective and lifelike than any other lures out there.

The more lifelike a lure is, the more fish it will catch you – which is the ultimate goal at Scientific Edge LLC. In fact, our lures are so life like, one of them – the KickTail® won a major award - "Best New Lure" at Europe's largest sports show! Our other lures are equally as impressive. There have been over 10 MILLION Walking Worms® sold. The Bite Light® is so effective, one sate has actually have banned it!

We hope that our patented, scientific designs serve you well and help you catch more fish. Fair pricing, secure online ordering, and helpful customer support always remain top priority at Scientific Edge LLC. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that our products will help you catch more (and bigger!) fish than your friends!…